The Sales Professor is a blog by Gary Delbridge, TEC Master Speaker and CEO.

As the founder and CEO of the Objective Assessment Group, Gary has a passion for building sales performance. Recognised as one of the leading sales force development specialists in Australia, Gary is in demand as a top ranking speaker on “The Psychology of Sales”.

Working with CEO’s and Business Owners, Gary and his team at Objective Assessment have had great success in transforming sales organisations in many high profile companies. His focus is on process to drive performance and the importance of mindset as well as skillset in the building of successful salespeople.

Gary advises the CEO’s of many Australian’s fastest growing companies on how to reshape and transform their sales organisations to drive growth and profitability. He sits on a number of their boards.

In 2012, Gary was awarded the Top New Speaker in Australia by TEC, The Executive Connection, and is a highly regarded resource speaker within the TEC organisation.

Objective Assessment

Objective Assessment is committed to the successful development of high performing sales teams. Sales people that exceed your expectations and theirs. This starts with an accurate understanding of where they are today. Our Sales Force Evaluation gives you a clear picture of your sales teams capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and development needs.

OA Recruitment

OA Recruitment is focussed exclusively on sales recruitment. We specialise in identifying and placing sales stars - the “A” Grade performers best suited to your business, your culture, your market, and the products or services you provide. Through our vast experience, expertise, proven methods and unique selection processes, we empower you with the confidence to employ the ideal sales personnel to help your business prosper. Contact us now for more information.

OA Insights

OA Insights believes in partnerships and adding value to your business. How is your team performing at the moment? Do you know how to increase the team’s performance? Do you need some fresh insights into what’s working and what’s not working and more importantly, how to improve the results and develop the team? Contact the OA Insights team today for an appointment.